1) Must the association give a new buyer a copy of the governing documents?-  NO- It's The Sellers Responsibility

2) If you obtain board approval, may you enclose your back porch?- YES

      a. can you take down a wall in your kitchen?- YES- AND NO PERMIT IS NEEDED

      b. can you cut a hole in your wall for a dryer vent?- NO

3) Can the association charge a prospective buyer $100 for a screening fee, YES-

       a. and $50 for a criminal background check? -YES, Maximum is $100 By Law-

       b. Can they turn down a buyer who has a felony conviction?- YES, If Documents Give Authority

4) May your association take away your parking spot and give it to another unit owner who has become handicapped?- YES, If Not Deeded

      a. can they change your space if they don't like you?- YES, If Not Deeded

5) Can you limit how many times a renter can use the pool?- NO

      a. What other restrictions can be put on renters/owners?- PETS  * UPDATE * Click Here For New Information

6) Can your association promulgate a rule limiting "new owners" to renting their unit only once every 2 years?- YES

7) Can the association prohibit you from hanging a wreath on your door?- YES

8) Can your association prohibit dogs weighing more than 20 pounds?- YES * UPDATE * Click Here For New Information

9) How much can the association charge for fines against a unit owner?- $1000

      a. What is the process?- A Committee Meeting

      b. If the owner does not pay the fine, at what point can a lien be put on the unit?- The Fine Cannot Turn Into a lien

10) Can the association charge you a fee for using the clubhouse?- YES, at times if voted on

11) Can the association tell you what kind of shutters you can put up?- YES

12) What can the association restrict you from doing on your patio?- Bar-B-Que, Paint it a different color

13) Can you run a mail order business from your unit?- YES
14) Can I park a commercial vehicle in my spot? Ref: A Cab,  Plumbing / Electricians Van NO

15) Can I have a small dog?
* UPDATE * Click Here For New Information
16) Can I solicit all the units for work, Ref: door hangers and flyers or bulletin board & laundry room flyers? NO
17) Can I hand out flyers at the clubhouse? NO
18) How good is the security? Do they speak English fluently, and are they Understandable ?
19) Can I have parties at my buildings pool- with bar-b-ques and children, clowns, balloons, games , banners and catering? NO
20) Can I wash my car in front of my building? NO
21) How late can I wash / dry clothes? 9pm
22) Can I buy all of my friendís tickets to the shows? YES- Up To 4 ( four ) Tickets
23) How late can I invite my friends over to hang out and visit, socialize in my unit? YES
24) Is there a time limit that I can call people into the village at the front gate? NO
25) How loud can me and my guests play music in my apt or play dominoes on my patio? Do Not Disturb Your Neighbor

     a. how late can we play dominoes or socialize by my buildings pool? 6pm

26) Can my guests and myself hang out in the parking lot and socialize, sit in our cars and play the radio and eat late night fast food? NO
27) Can I have a motorcycle as my means of transportation here in the village? YES

      a.  can I park it in my assigned parking spot or in a guest parking spot? YES
28) Can I park a trailer in my assigned parking spot or in a guest parking spot? NO
29) Can I have a pet parrot on my patio or in my unit? YES
30) Can I operate a mail order business from my unit? YES- As Long Your Unit Is Not a  "Showroom"  For What You Are Selling
31) Can I rent the patio area by the clubhouse pool to throw a party? NO
      a. And if yes, how late can we party? NO

      b. And can I have somebody cater it? NO

      c. And how many people can I invite? NO

      d. Is there an age limit for the attendees? NO

      e. Can we serve alcohol? NO

       f. Can we have music- A DJ or A Live Band? NO

       g. can we have clowns, balloons, magic shows, games, banners etc? NO

32) Can I repair my vehicle in my assigned parking spot or in a guest space? NO
       a. can I change the oil, or oil & filter? NO

       b. can I do a tune up-spark plugs, oil change, air filter, pressure wash engine etc.? NO

       c. can I change the brake pads or brake shoes? NO

       d. can I do transmission / transaxle or rear differential repairs or service? NO

33) Can I have a car wash business in the village ( regardless of weather I live here or not )
          and wash / wax cars anywhere in the village? NO


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