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Century Village Website

Advertising rate is for the Village Directory and comes with
A Customized Live Actor Avatar just like Me,
that You can write the Script for.
We can advertise just about anything within reason.
Even if you Do Not have a Website, we can still use
Your Flyer or even custom make one at No Additional Charge.
We have totally slashed our rates even with the Live Actor Avatar.
We have the #1 Ranking on Google with
This URL and several more still on the First Page.
Our rate is $300 a month with a 3 Month Minimum
( we have 3 CV websites listed on Google page 1 )
Please note that Mr. Michael Green,
A Licensed Real Estate Agent is
A 10 year C.V Pines Resident and works
Closely with First Service Residential and
Century Village Property's (CVP) and offers
A Fast Track Service.
Please refer him or use him yourself if needed.
* We Are Not Affiliated With
The COOPPA Guardian,
The local newspaper
Here Are Their
Advertising Rates
As Of 01/01/2024

Remember, your advertisement is construed as
A Full Page Color & linkable Advertisement
With unlimited updates, for a fraction of
The cost versus our local newspaper,
And comes with a Live Actor Avatar
In Addition the entire Village,
Has Gone Digital.
We Only Use Paypal For Everybody's Protection,
Both Buyer & Seller.
Sorry, We No Longer Accept Any Type Of Check.
We Apologize Now for any Inconvenience,
 We have received Fraudulent Checks in the Past.
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